Crock-Pot Apple Pie Moonshine

Crock-Pot Apple Pie MoonshineThis is a traditional Christmas Eve beverage in my husbands family. His grandfather has made this Mixed Drink for years and all the men sit in the basement laughing and joking and sipping this drink. It is also given to the adults as gifts to savor all year long. Once open, you can keep this in the refrigerator to drink cold (it is better that way) and it will last all year or longer. Please remember this is an adult beverage and it is strong. If you do not care for the proof value of Everclear, use vodka instead. You will get the same taste but with less alcohol in it. Everclear is a 195 Proof alcohol (95%) that you can find in a liquor store or if you have a local grocery that sells it. If you can not find that, another brand off 100 proof clear liquor will do , or use vodka

Crock-Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine
Lemonade Moonshine

Crock-Pot Apple Pie Moonshine

Crock-Pot Apple Pie Moonshine


1 Gallon Apple Cider
1 Liter Everclear Alcohol
3 Cinnamon Sticks


  1. Add Apple Cider and Cinnamon Sticks to crock-pot.
  2. Cook on low for 8 hours.
  3. Turn off crock-pot and allow the cider to cool to room temp.
  4. In a large pan (large enough for a 5 quarts), mix cider and the Everclear Alcohol. If your crock-pot is large enough for this, you can do it there once the cider is cooled.
  5. Pour into 5 Quart Canning Jars (or bottles of your choice) and put lids and rings on.
  6. Let the jars sit in a cool dark place for 30 days to allow the alcohol to take the flavor of the cider.
  7. This is shelf stable and can be kept on the counter, or if you prefer it chilled, in the refrigerator.
  8. NOTE: this is a strong adult beverage. Serving size is one shot glass.

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    • Lady Katie says

      You could, but the taste wont be as good. You will have more of the everclear taste to it. The longer you let it sit, the more apple pie taste you get.

    • Lady Katie says

      The longer it sits, the better taste. It will taste good if you do it today and drink on thanksgiving, but will be awesome if you wait longer.

      • sue says

        Hi, I made this moonshune, and it is awefully strong.. Not much apple taste. was wondering if I leave sit another month longer or try to doctor it up? any suggestions?

    • Terry Cedars says

      Do you have a recipe for Dill Pickle moonshine,, A friend had some that I tasted. It was so good. She had received as a gift, so didnt know how to make.

      • Lady Katie says

        I have not heard of this one and have not found it doing a search of the internet. Maybe someone here will have it and can share.

        • Granny Pix says

          For Dill Pickle Moonshine, maybe save your favorite dill pickle brine & use it in lieu of the cider from the apple pie moonshine recipe?

      • Mariee Dahl says

        Good moonshine doesn’t need help from mixers, but we recently heard about a crazy drink made with pickle juice and hot sauce. Well, it’s not normally made with hot sauce, but we couldn’t resist adding some. It’s called a pickleback, and it’s pretty darn good.

        pickleback moonshineIngredients:

        1 part moonshine

        1 part pickle juice

        A couple drops of “O” face hot sauce.

        Last summer we went a little crazy with food preservation. Countless evenings and weekends were spent canning, pickling, and freezing. Our goal was to make enough grub to sustain us through the entire winter and we have an entire deep freezer full of food to prove it. We also have an abundance of canned pickles, roasted tomatoes, and jam…oh, and moonshine…we’ve got a bit of that too!

        What better way to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor than by mixing up a drink made entirely from homemade ingredients. Moonshine and pickle juice doesn’t seem like it’d be a great combination, but what the hell, we figured we’d give it a shot. As it turns out, the pickleback ain’t too bad.

    • Dianne says

      We do ours in a big pot over open flame and every state we’ve been in you can buy Everclear at any liquor store. And after it has cooled down and taken the cinnamon sticks out we add the Everclear. It is very potent even if you choose to drink it as soon as it cools. It is sneaky and will kick your butt when you least expect it. We love it at parties. But we also warn those that drink it. I also take keys of those who do drink it.

    • Lady Katie says

      Peach Pie Moonshine
      Gallon of skinned and chopped peaches, 1 cup of sugar, 8 tablespoons of Molasses, 4 Teaspoons cinnamon and 2 Teaspoons nutmeg. Mix well then add 1.75 lt Vodka (will need a large pan to do this obviously). let sit for 30 days.
      should be fine without the cinnamon too….maybe cloves instead.

  1. Dawn says

    I was wonder if you could substitute the apples with peaches?
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!!
    Bluffton SC

      • Wolfy says

        You won’t find alcohol above 95% (190 proof) as it is getting close to the point which alcohol becomes not just toxic (that is what all alcohol is, a toxin that affects the brain), but actually quite poisonous. You will actually die if you drink alcohol around 97-98% or more. That is one of the big reasons that making your own shine (well that and the tax man doesn’t get his revenue) is illegal.

        • says

          In Response to the Person who says you can get alcohol at 97 to 98% pure. In reality when alcohol is exposed to room air and normal moisture in the air it pick up about 4% water out of the air so while it is possible to make 100% alcohol in a closed System as soon as the Container is opened it Drops to around 96%. This was expained to me by one of my neighbors here in Germany that has a legal still and he makes all sorts of fruit brandiés and snaps

  2. Kerri Wenerick says

    has anyone found a liquor you can replace the everclear with? unfortunately PA doesn’t sell it :( and MD wont sell to to a person with Pa license :(

    • Allyson says

      PA actually does sell it. Just not the 195 proof. PA sells 150 proof. I just bought some today at the local Wine and Spirits.

    • WendyB says

      Actually, PA does sell it, I just called my local WINE and SPIRITS… 750ml (just under a liter) 16.99. 151poof. They do have the 190 however that can only go to doctors and pharmacists (lucky buggers).

      • Larry says

        When you are talking strong alcohol, make sure you are talking about the drinkable stuff … called ethel alcohol or grain alcohol. When you bring up doctors and pharmacists as having the stuff, you may very well be talking about isopropyl alcohol. That’s commonly known as rubbing alcohol and usually is 80% in drug stores but can be obtained in as high a content as 99% (used in printing and other purposes). Don’t drink it… it’s a totally different alcohol and could be lethal.

  3. HarleyDog says

    By shelf stable, do you mean you can store this in the basement pantry for a long time? Weeks? Months? Years? Would like to find a way to store it for the year after making our own cider. Thanks!

    • Lady Katie says

      We have some in the fridge that is two years old. The only reason it is in there is Hubby likes it cold and he doesnt drink it too often. The liquor content allows it to be left out of the fridge without turning into some fermented yuck. I have left it out of the fridge for a year.

      • weatherman says

        Storing (apple pie with everclear or whatever) in the fridge is BS. It divides or separates within a couple of weeks and the stuff is nasty. Make a batch & can it & store in a dark cabinet or pantry. Drink it at room temp. If you’re using 150 proof, a quart will get you a pleasant buzz if you drink regularly.
        I call mine spicy apple crisp & its 3 -5 times better tasting & stronger than JJ’s blue moon. You can make 10 quarts for what you pay for 2 of his.


          • weatherman says

            Sorry its taken so long I just saw your request.
            2 gal of apple juice, 8 cinnamon sticks 1.5 cups each of brown & white sugar, 2 tsp of vanilla extract & 1500 mil of grain alcohol.
            Simmer all but the last 2 ingrediants for 20 minutes stirring often. Let it cool to room temp & add vanilla & stir. Add 1/2 of the hard stuff & taste then add as much as you want.
            This will make 10 + qts. So just have fun.
            Don’t store in the fridge, you’ll just ruin it. Store in a dark cabinet & it will last at least a year according to my own personal data. lol.
            Most folks use cider & juice, but I myself hate the gunk that comes with the cider. The cider in stores is just apple juice that has not been strained.
            Anywhoo that’s my APPLE CINNAMON CRISP.
            Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

          • weatherman says

            I failed to mention that I use real apple juice/unsweetened. If you were to use apple juice off the shelf the apple taste will be weak & sweet.
            Tasteing as you mix & simmer is very important. Its cheaper to toss the mix than to add the alcohol just to find its not what you want.
            Sorry about the lack of details.
            I have (I hope) found a supplier of filtered cider, I plan on making a sample batch soon & will post the results.

  4. HarleyDog says

    Or is there a way to water bath can it? Figure with the sugar content and Everclear…aint’ nuttin’ living in there! lol

    • Lady Katie says

      No do not waterbath it. The liquor will burn off and everclear is flammable.. The alcohol makes it shelf stable. (yes aint’ nuttin living in there with that lol)

  5. STEVE says


    • Lady Katie says

      No. You do not want to heat it. The alcohol will burn off and everclear is flammable. The alcohol makes it shelf stable.

      • Mae says

        Everclear is available in WA, might just be hard to find. I saw it a while back in a Safeway in East Vancouver, and at the BevMo in Vancouver, just before Christmas. I was toying with the idea of making something like this for Christmas gifts, so I had an eye out. :)

  6. Allen says

    Wouldn’t happen to have a cherry pie moonshine recipe would you? Heading to the local liquor store tomorrow for some Ever Clear to make the apple pie, a lot simpler a recipe than many out there.

    • Lady Katie says

      I tell you I am getting some great ideas from the comments. I am working on a batch of Peach Pie Moonshine and want to try a pumpkin pie moonshine…
      Found this on yahoo answers: boil 2 cups of pitted cherries with 1 tabelspoon of water and a 1/2 cup of white sugar. Taste it, if it is not puckery sweet add another 1/2 cup until all is disolved. Next, strain the cherry mixture into a glass container. Cool completely. Mix with the vodka and stir

    • leal says

      The process is pretty much the same – you are infusing the fruit with the alcohol. Soft fruits should not be cooked. I put the fruit: cherries, peaches, pears, berries, whatever in the jar, cover with the alcohol (everclear or vodka) and put a lid on it. I shake the jar every few days and keep it in a dark place. After about 6-8 weeks, I strain the concoction. I add a simple syrup to taste. I prefer a sweeter drink so you might want to spit it up – some sweetened and some not. These make great gifts.

      • leal says

        Just an addition to my note. I make these liquors when the fruit is in season or I can get fresh at the farmers market. I like the local fruits in season best.

    • AllyE says

      FYI y’all… I looked up the definition of MOONSHINE and this kinda seems to fall right in with the recipe.

      SEE #3

      Main Entry: moon·shine
      Pronunciation: \ˈmün-ˌshīn\
      Function: noun
      Date: 15th century
      1 : moonlight
      2 : empty talk : nonsense
      3 : intoxicating liquor ; especially : illegally distilled corn whiskey

      Ref. Merriam-Webster : MOONSHINE

      For those of you that disagree, what are your references?
      I’m not from the South, I know nothing about Moonshine, other than what I’ve seen on TV. I’m not trying to get a mass dispute going here either. I’ve always lived by “ask if you don’t know” & “no question is a stupid question”. Although I am always respectful in what & how I ask questions, there have been a few throughout the years that have been a bit perplexed.
      Thanks for any and all references.

      • leal says

        We do tend to think of Moonshine as a distilled alcohol – illegal for individuals to make – at least where I live. We can, however, make wine and liquors up to 200 gallons per year!

        That being said – we can really call our recipe whatever we want – I don’t get real technical but what I make, I call a liqueur.

      • Susan says

        Do not even let the vapors from the Everclear near the stove. We have burn marks in our kitchen to prove it! The gas burner was on and my husband opened the container near by and was about to turn the burner off to pour it in and the container was above the pan. UP IN FLAMES!

    • leal says

      No flames/heat around any liquor – you will have the flavor of the liquor but not the effect! AND IT IS VERY FLAMMABLE.

    • Lady Katie says

      No. The apple cider is fresh. The sell it by the half gallon or gallon in our grocery stores in the fresh produce section. I purchase mine at the local apple orchard.

    • Lady Katie says

      The recipe I posted earlier in the comments called for vodka…but you could use everclear if you wanted that punch to it!

    • Lady Katie says

      Cinnamon, I would think that would be fine…apple slices? I want to say yes, but not sure how they would do over time…but if you try, let us know.

      • leal says

        From experience, fruit will break down pretty much and just be sediment that really does not look very good in your bottles or your glasses if you don’t drink out of the jars!

    • says

      Actually my husband makes homemade apple pie and he always adds slices of Granny Smith apples and they work wonderfully. We put ours in the fridge also because we prefer ours colder and some of our bottles/jars have sat as long as 6 months before drinking and have been fine. We give these away as gifts for birthdays and Christmas and have friends who save them for as long as a year before opening and again have never heard of problems.

    • Lady Katie says

      Goodoleways has a recipe
      2 cups Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
      6 cups Water
      2 cups Granulated Sugar
      2 cups 151 Proof Everclear
      heat water lemon juice and sugar til sugar is dissolved. let cool to room temp and then add the everclear.

      • Mama Taney says

        NOT MOONSHINE!!! Calling it moonshine isn’t cutesy and okay either. REAL moonshine is out there, it can and does come in flavors, and if you think you can drink one and then try drinking the other, you can experience some very dangerous consequences!

        • Dingo says

          So what – take it for what it was intended to be – a holiday beverage.

          and dirt pudding isn’t really “dirt.”

        • lee h says

          I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Some people are really just stupid. If you live in FL and don’t have a cellar…. do you really need someone to tell you what to do? So what if its not really ‘moonshine’ ????? And an open container is just that, OPEN. the tax stamp doesn’t have anything to do with it. If you are that worried about getting pulled over while transporting this product….. need I really go there? Get a life, or drink a pint of this moonshine and chill the heck out!

        • says

          Actually, moonshine is a generalized term and means any kind of home “created” alcohol based beverage. I am from the south and completely understand that many do not think this term should be used… traditionally moonshine was a term used for the illeh=gally created and sold grain based alcohol, HOWEVER, it can still technically refer to a beverage such as this because it is being mixed and “created at home. Not trying to stir the pot but really it is just a term and not something to get upset about.

  7. HarleyDog says

    Just a minor correction: don’t think the final product is 195 proof, just the everclear. Diluted like that it would be lower by volume. Don’t dare public math but I’ll see if I can find a calculator and figure it out.

    • Lady Katie says

      Yes it wont be that strong considering you are diluting it by x4 (minimum and thinking off the top of my head)…but it is still very strong. especially for those that do not normally drink.

  8. HarleyDog says

    So the proof of this mixture (someone correct me if I’m wrong): % by volume X 2. So, 1 liter is .264 of a gallon. Total volume is 1.264 gallons (cider plus everclear). I calculate it’s .264 divided by 1.264 = .2088. Times 2 is about 42 proof. That sounds more better! 😎

  9. Jason Thompson says

    No it’s not moonshine, we got it people. It’s just what people call it. You ever look at the names of drinks in a bartending book? No? Then look them up because I am pretty sure all drinks are names and not the actual contents or liquor in them. Moonshine is just a liquor so get over yourself.
    Thanks for the great ideas for some future “moonshine” recipes. I have made my own peach pie and apple “moonshine” before with good results but I like some of the ideas and variations in here, especially the lemon “moonshine” recipe.

    P.S. Happy holidays!

  10. Jon says

    Have made the Apple Pie Moonshine and got the recipes for the peach cherry and lemonade. Any other recipes you have for some good mixes? THANK YOU

  11. wetsock says

    Nope, not moonshine. You can however substitute the alcohol suggested for moonshine. Bad info on the proof however, 1 liter of 190 proof everclear into 1 gallon of cider will dilute the proof by the ratio of cider. so if 1/5 of the beverage is 190 proof, you’re looking at about 38 proof, or 16% by vol theoretically.. realistically it’ll be around 10-12%. Similar to a good canadian beer. Also note that heating the alcohol won’t cause it to cook off. You need to be north of 170 deg for that to happen. Evaporation is another story, so still a good idea to cool the mix first, as you don’t want to cap it warm. Good post though!

  12. Josh says

    I’ve noticed that the cider you get from some orchards is not pasturized and the stuff in stores is. Is there any advantages or disadvantages to either?

  13. says

    when I make mine I use apple pie spice instead of cinnamon.also make cherry I put frozen large blackcherries in the bottom of the jars.have people wanting to buy it all the time. I say i’ll teach you how to make it but I make mine for family and a few friends.never a complaint!!!!

    • Becca says

      WOW stepped on some toes calling it moonshine……
      The Everclear we get in Michigan is a reduced alcohol everclear. We drive to Indiana to get the good stuff! So it is sold where higher contents are illegal, just watered down …….

  14. Chris l says

    So are the cinnamon sticks supposed to disolve in cider after cooking for eight hours? If yes are you supposed to strain that out?

    • Lady Katie says

      You know I never noticed that in the recipe. and no one has pointed it out! remove the sticks when done cooking. You can either toss them, save them for the next recipe, or put a stick in each jar for added flavor.

  15. jackie says

    omg I am so stupid trying to do to many things at once I combined all ingredients into crock pot. Before cooking cider and cinnamon. How do you think this will work?

  16. says

    i think i will try with undiluted frozen juice, a different juice for each jar i wonder if it will be a cordial rather than a “moonshine”?

  17. joshua says

    The recipes look great and will try them. I love reading the comments on moonshine. This the legal way of making the drink. The mountain folk around here have made this for generations but with home made corn whiskey poured over apples and cinnamon sticks in a Mason jar. You can also add any fruit or Berry you want to a jar and pour everclear in and put up

  18. Gary says

    I am making mine right now. Do I remove the cinnamon sticks and do I strain out the pulp? Using 151 proof Everclear here and what to have it for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, will it be ready then?

    • Lady Katie says

      you can take the cinnamon sticks out. dont worry about straining it. If you want to add the cinnamon sticks back to each jar, you can. I will say that it was a hit at my family’s last night. They went thru 2 quarts.

  19. Sarah says

    I have a sediment at the bottom I mine. Is that normal? I noticed it after I heated it and I tried to strain it. But there is still sediment.

  20. says

    Did anyone see an episode of “Moonshiners ” last night, the biker and his buddy mixed apple cider,cinnamon sticks and sliced apples and put that mix into mason jars. I would like to add sliced apples into my batch but curious what that will taste like after sitting for 30 days.

    • Lady Katie says

      I didnt see that episode, and am not sure what the apple slices will do after 30 days. I would think the alcohol would keep them preserved, but can not verify.

  21. machelle says

    I make mine with a gallon of cider and a gallon of juice as well as the cin. Sticks. I also use brown and white sugar. Do you think the sugar effects the shelf life? I made it this summer and have 3 full quarts left, but ive noticed some sediment. I also leave a cin. Stick in the jar.

    • Lady Katie says

      both the cider and cinnamon sticks create the sediment..just shake it a little. I dont think the sugar would affect the shelf life…it would be like homemade wine..

      • leal says

        Actually because of the hard liquor (everclear or vodka or as I make it – with whiskey and I do add honey) this would never be considered wine as it is not fermented. It will not go bad (of course, it likely won’t sit around long enough for anyone to really worry about this). I have had some on the shelf for 8 years – just opened some and it tastes great.

  22. Tim says

    The recipe looks great. Can’t wait to try it. Looking at the comments over and over… have a great deal of patience. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  23. Melanie says

    I am making this for the family this Christmas and at 190 proof, even if you flub it a little, give em another shot…they’ll forget the whole thing. 😉

  24. b says

    Do you need to seal the canning jars like you would when canning vegetables? Or can I just screw the lid on and let it sit.

  25. Russ says

    For a more authentic flavor, use real moonshine sold legally in most liquor stores. You can also use 4 or 5 cans of frozen apple juice concentrate (thawed of course) to help balance the flavors. I did this & the batch was out of this world tasty!

    • Lady Katie says

      Everclear makes both. You can purchase a 150 proof (they dont sell that one locally) or 190 proof. I think it depends on your state.

  26. Mike says

    Made this a month ago and gave out as presents at my work christmas party last night, everyone loved it! They all said it had a nice flavor and enough alcohol to not be to strong. The store i went to only had 750 ml bottles of everclear(190 proof) which yielded about 11 of the small mason jars.
    Great recipe, i’ll be sharing this at my family christmas party next weekend.
    Thanks for sharing! This has inspired me to look into learning how to distill and create my own recipes…illegal i know, but fun none the less :)
    Mike recently posted…Crock-Pot Beanie Weenies My Profile

  27. melissa says

    Made this a couple weeks ago. It tastes horrible. Does it need to sit a lot longer or should I be dumping all this down a drain.

  28. Seneca says

    A word of caution…. The reason moonshine is illegal on a federal level is because it has not been taxed. Although this is not moonshine ( I do not have a problem with it being named that), the alcohol has been removed from its original container with a tax stamp and been rebottled. If it is transported and you are pulled over for any reason, it could be seen as a violation of transporting an open container, since the seal cannot be seen and in violation because no way to verify a tax on it. Imagine being pulled over for say speeding and a box of these sitting in the back seat to be given as gifts how it might look to an officer. It could be a bit of a sticky situation. I am just saying be careful. It would certainly be illegal to sell as the resulting product has not been taxed. otherwise, I think the recipes look great. I would probably use them instead of typical punch at a party.

  29. Patrick says

    What u need is pure shine.. built myself a stihl, and.make my own shine. then mix with pie recipe. that is true apple pie shine… to check ” proof” take a teaspoon if gun powder and pour some of your drink over it. light with a match.. if it ignite the powder it is proof it is high potency….

  30. Patty M says

    I just have to put my 2 cents in here. I have never seen so many comments and silly questions for something so simple. Come on people. WOW I guess it’s very true, common sense isn’t very common any more! Yikes.

    • says

      Patty, I totally agree…these comments are just stupid! I have been reading all of them just to see how out of wack folks are in asking plain dumb questions. Wow. She has the patience of a Saint in answering some of them. Don’t you think if they would have read some of the comments 90% would have been answered prior to them firing up the computer keys. Stay Smiling

  31. Suellen Brown says

    I recently made the lemonade moonshine … WOW! Good! Going to try this, but … Do you think you could use straight whiskey instead of vodka?

    • Lady Katie says

      you could try it. Never been much of a whisky drinker so I am not sure on how it would taste in the end.

  32. Chris says

    If using 151 everclear (190 is not sold here) should I add more everclear to make up for the lower proof? If so how much more?

  33. Don Fake says

    Do you have a recipe for Root Beer moonshine using root beer extract( the type used to make homemade root beer)?

  34. Terri says

    People, it’s a drink! We call it “apple pie shots” in Wisconsin. It’s awesome, but you will get really drunk if you use everclear and drink a lot of it! One night my husband and my kids each had one shot and we were tipsy! Use Caution!!

  35. Shannon says

    I have this cooking in crockpot right now and there’s a lot do sediment on top. Should I skim this off or leave in?.

  36. david says

    Probably a dumb question but will ask anyways: my crock pot isn’t large enough for this recipe and if I cut the measurements in half, does it change the amount of time I need to slow-cook it? Do I still need to let it go for 8 hours?

    • Lady Katie says

      if you are not doing as much, you could cut it to 4 hours. What you want is the cider to take on more of the cinnamon flavor…that is gotten by cooking slowly. But I think half the recipe at half the time would be just fine.

    • Kristi says

      You can just bring your cider and cinnamon sticks to a boil and shut down if you don’t have a large enough crock pot. I add half cider and half apple juice. Also, the whole question of whether to use pasteurized cider or not comes from people’s fear of e-coli. It doesn’t effect the taste of your product.

  37. Wendy says

    Do you have the recipe for banana moonshine??? I’ve had it once and was so good but do not know how to make it. Thanks

  38. Chuck says

    I recently had some Krupnik and your recipe reminds me of it. Krupnik is spicy with a honey flavor. Very close to the “Fireball” that is popular these days except very smooth.

  39. Linda says

    My neighbor made this for her holiday party in Dec. Gave us a jar to take home. Been in the fridge since B4 XMAS. Took a small drink the other night and it’s better than when we had it in Dec. Longer it sits, better it tastes. If you can get the cider year round, you can make this for any party, anytime, Tastes great, either warm or cold.

  40. Chris says

    so it’s not “true” moonshine, so what, when you go to a bar you can order”Sex on the Beach” does that mean you are going to have sex on a beach, probably not…its just a name.

  41. Carol says

    In England we make sloe gin, I dont know if you have sloes they are like very small sour black plums the fruit of a bush we call ‘Blackthorn’ because it flowers early on stems that dont have their leaves yet? You dont cook it at all just prick the sloes with a pin or needle several times fill a jar or bottle by 1/4 volume, then add 1/4 sugar and fill with gin or vodka. screw the lid tight and shake every few days till the sugar disolves. store for at least a month but the longer the better it turns dark red/purple. When you want to drink strain if necessary, dont eat the fruit but you can reuse them. I also make sour cherries,plums or blackberries in brandy in the same way. DO EAT the fruit with these with icecream or sorbet! if you leave the stones and stems on the cherries you can use them for cocktails.

  42. LINDA says

    heehee, thanks for the good laugh everyone on your comments. Have had Apple Pie and intend on the cherry and lemonade. Am going to try to do some other flavors as I have noticed most of the recipes are the same depending on the sweetness of the flavor ingredient. good luck ya’all. 😀

  43. robert says

    This sound great!! Couple question….can we use ground cinnamon powder instead of sticks? If much? Also….when buying vodka..they come around 42 proof. Should I pour more than one liter to give more kick to it? Thanks!!!

    • Lady Katie says

      If you want a bigger “kick” , yes use more vodka
      You can use cinnamon powder instead of sticks. I would say at least 2-3 Tablespoons.

  44. Richard says

    Thanks for the post… people really get excited about what is called moonshine lol.. anyways I l9ve the fruits pineapple and mango.. any suggestions on a recipe for either and if you’ve tried either how was it?

  45. eleesha says

    This is a staple at dragoncon! We simply call it pie. I made it this year but added cloves and a sliced red delicious apple. I also added some whipped cream vodka. Yum! It was a hit with my group!

  46. says

    I don’t know if this would work, but, here goes. For those who want to sell this, remember this is not gold, so just try to get the return on your money. Sell the jar, and the ribbon, or decoration on the jar, and contents are a “gift”. Just a thought.

    • Lady Katie says

      Yes heating the cider allows it to take on the cinnamon flavor. and yo do not have to heat seal the jars. you will evaporate most of the liquor and liquor can catch on fire if heated. the jars will be shelf stable just from the liquor alone.

  47. Donna says

    I was able to get Everclear 190 proof but the only apple cider available in my rural location is in the juice isle at the grocery store. It looks just like apple juice. Will this work or does the cider need to be more pulpy for this recipe? Thanks!

    • Lady Katie says

      No regular juice will work. You might want to add just a little sugar maybe a half cup and then the cinnamon.

      • says

        Katie, just finished cooking the cider and cinnamon sticks, I fell asleep and it cooked 9hrs instead of 8, when I tired the crock pot off I noticed a lot of sediment. Is this ok or do I dump this batch and start over? With all the sediment it kind of yuckey. Help!

        • Lady Katie says

          No you will have sediment. It is from the cider and cinnamon. It is okay. Jar it and let it sit. You will want to shake it before you drink it anyway to mix the alcohol up.

  48. Jasmine says

    I think this is exactly what I have been looking for!! My hubby was given “Apple Pie” as a gift a few years ago by someone he worked a weekend project with. It was amazing and I immediately tried to find a recipe. I’ve tried a few over the past couple of years but none of them came out the same. I remember him saying that he used 195 proof Everclear and that it ‘set’ for a month. All the recipes I tried were more of mix and drink immediately or in a few days and they never came close. This sounds perfect!!!! I am soo excited to give it a try :)

  49. says

    I am not a lawyer but I was a cop. If you are going to transport an open container of any alcoholic beverage, put it in the trunk. In my state that will keep you out of jail.

    • Lisa says

      Thxs, John, for the info about the trunk. Good to know! Lady Katie, great article/recipe. I appreciate all the little details, too. FYI: I am Southern. When in doubt, perhaps put a name in quotations and call it a nickname: Apple Pie “Moonshine” Further, traditional “shine” tastes awful, so I’m thrilled to see ur post. Also, a Southern lady says, “bless your/or her heart.” That’s code for go to hell, kiss my a#s, or ur a… lol That would have come in handy above with the grouchy folks. This is moonshine, by definition, bless their hearts. Thxs again!

  50. Rory D says

    Could anyone give me a good link for mason jars. I am just starting out, this will be my first crock pot and canning adventure. (Complete Newbie)

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch.

    • Lady Katie says

      walmart or a hardware store or kmart sells them. You can also use a recycled jar that you have laying around. something with a lid that fits.

    • RJ says

      dandelion wine-
      1 gal dandelion flower heads
      3 oranges
      3 lemons
      1 gal boiling water
      5 1/2 cups sugar
      1 pk vintners yeast
      1 capsule yeast energizer
      1 tbsp. strong tea

    • RJ says

      Wash flower heads in cold water, remove the greens and put in a large plastic pail. Chop fine the colored outer rind of the lemons and oranges and add them to the petals in the pail, then cover with the boiling water. Drape pail with a cloth or plastic sheet and tie tight so no bugs get in. Stir 2x a day for 3 days. After 3 days strain the juice into a large kettle, and squeeze or press out as much juice as you can from the pulp. Add sugar to bring its level to about 21 percent and cook juice at a medium boil for 30 mins. Let it cool to 70 deg and add the yeast and energizer. Divide mix into 2 gal bottles and lock with fermentation locks. When fermentation slows (1-3 days), siphon all the liquid into 1 bottle, fill to about 1 inch from the stopper and add tea. Reseal with fermentation lock and let ferment at 70deg until the bubbling stops (1-4 weeks). Rack as often as necessary to clear the wine, adding enough liquid each time to fill to 1 inch from stopper. When wine is clear (usually after 3 rackings), bottle and cork like for grape wine. Makes a gallon. Enjoy -RJ

  51. Linda Woehrle says

    My Mom and Dad used to ave fruit on he counter with alcohol on it, they would dip the fruit out and have it on Ice Cream and put more fruit in.. Delish.

  52. says

    I was wondering – if I am unable to get my hands on some Everclear – seeing as this is Apple Pie – normally (well I do) you would put some whipped cream on your pie – would Whipped Vodka taste good with this do you think or should I stick to regular Vodka?

  53. Ginger says

    Wow, never heard such a ridiculous flap over nothing. Lady Katie graciously posts a nice recipe and patiently answers the same questions over and over because apparently people can’t read….and some idiots are complaining about using the term ‘moonshine’. What are you trying to protect? That moonshine is special? I grew up in Oklahoma. My whole family were all bootleggers. Those who cook shine all do it a little different. My family dumped the whole shine thing and went to bonded liquor as soon as possible. Nothing special about shine…it was just a way to have an alcoholic beverage without paying taxes, or in places where it was prohibited. I never met a soul who thought it was better than bonded liquor…cheaper…yes, stronger…yes. Better? No. Get over yourselves…acting like you know something. You don’t know anything. Hillbilly posers….just shut up and appreciate this lady’s kindness.

  54. Justine says

    I don’t own a crockpot but I really want to try this recipe. Any suggestions on what I could use instead? Thanks :)

  55. JKLD says

    Please be aware that Everclear is NOT available in all states to the buying public. In several states that are state “control states”, i.e. liquor is sold ONLY in state owned, controlled and operated stores, Everclear is only available to people/companies with special licenses.

  56. Marc Abat says

    Hi. This looks nice! Just a few questions: can I use a regular stainless steel pot instead of a crack pot? Do I really have to boil the initial base flavoring for 8 hours or can I use a pressure cooker to sterilize it for maybe 15-30 minutes? Thanks and hello from Manila, Philippines!

    • Lady Katie says

      I dont know much about a pressure cooker. But you could just cook it on the stove if needed for about an hour, on low. then add the liquor

  57. JKLD says

    Everclear is illegal to sell in 14 states. These states are California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Minnesota. Although it is legal in Virginia, it is not sold there due to the fact that the state liquor stores cannot sell any type of a grain alcohol that lacks flavor or color. The reason it is illegal is because it contains such a high percentage of alcohol. Everclear is 190 proof and is 95.6 percent ethanol alcohol and 4.4 percent water. This combination makes for an extremely powerful combination. Everclear has been listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as the most alcoholic drink. Guinness listed it in 1979 and has since banned any alcohol entries in their publications. There is a 151 proof of Everclear that is legally sold in California, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington and West Virginia

  58. andi says

    Don’t know about other states, but if in Virginia -If you have access, you can buy everclear at the package/class 6 stores on military installations.

  59. Kimmer says

    Lady Katie….. Whew there’s been alot of questions and comments… I just want to commend you for your patience with them all… Truly a kind and gentle heart. The recipe sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  60. Billy Venable II says

    Damn, too bad you already married. A woman that seems to know how to make almost EVERY kind of moonshine known to man is a damn good woman and one worth keeping. Keep these kind of recipes coming.

  61. JKC says

    Add about 3 tablespoons of brown sugar gives a nice touch also.
    Also put a very small amount of whipped cream on the top of the shot before you down it.

  62. Azaria says

    I have recently bought home made Kaluha moonshine from a friend. It tastes like a chocolate coffee but it sneaks up on you and kaboom! But it is soo good, dying for the recipe… Any help?

    • Lady Katie says

      Is it more like homemade kaluha? I found a recipe for homemade kaluha using everclear and coffee. It looks awesome:
      first make a very strong pot of coffie
      add 4 cups of sugar
      let cool to room temp ( i put it in the deep frezzer)
      then add 4 oz of pure Vanilla extract
      then add 1 Liter of 190 everclear grain
      to make a drink use a rocks glass add ice then 1/3 kahula top with milk
      this makes 2 liters and 1 1/5
      store in glass
      Thanks Good Ole Ways

    • Lady Katie says

      No do not hot water bathe them. You will burn that liquor off and it is combustable. Just let them sit with the lids and rings twisted on. the liquor makes it shelf stable.

  63. says

    katie i made this apple pie shine ,its up for the 30 days but when i looked at it yesterday all the color setament was in the bottom clear on top ,is that what it supose to do is it ok

    • Lady Katie says

      give it a shake and take a drink!. cider does this alot. you can use a cheesecloth and strain it if you want, but it doesnt effect the flavor either way. And if you shake it, you get that liquor mixed up nicely.

      • debra says

        katie, i see on your site that your shine is light brown ,is that after you shake it ,or is it supose to septrate, when setting for awhile? thanks for answering ,mine has only been jared for a few days ,an i noticed that it was clear on top &all color was in bottom .if i strain it latter is that going to take away the color of it, or does it matter

    • Lady Katie says

      I really couldnt say. But that sounds about right ( 1 part alcohol to 3 parts juice). The flavor is deceiving the longer it sits. I drank one quart and didnt think anything of it , until i stood up.

    • Lady Katie says

      Just have a lid on them. You want to protect them from stuff in the air. You do not need to seal them like in a water bath or anything.

    • Lady Katie says

      They still sell it in our local stores in the produce section. If you can not find it, substitute Apple Juice.

  64. kashius47 says

    Do people not read the comments. I have read the same questions over and over again. And the whole bit about this not being moonshine. Who cares what it’s called. If you are that butt hurt about the name don’t make it or don’t comment about how it’s wrong. This is her blog and I’m pretty sure that she can call it what she wants.

  65. Jen Letzo says

    I made this last night and there was a lot of sediment in my cider. Are you supposed to strain the cider before you add the ever clear or leave it be? Thank you.

  66. Katie says

    Technically this is not actually moonshine. It is just a moonshine look alike. We make it every year for the holidays. We have our own little twists though. My recommendation is to let it sit for at least 2 weeks. Any shorter and it isn’t as good. The longer it sits, the better it tastes, and if you let it sit more than a month it can be almost too strong to drink.

  67. carrie says

    My question is a Canadian one. We live in Ontario.what can be used here. Unsure if we even carry a grain liquor…..Anyone with ideas… What can be used

  68. Sthrngirl says

    Just wondering if you have found any recipes for cranberry, pomegranate, pineapple, or even grape? Hubby wants to start “trying” to make real moonshine but I just laugh at him for now but this would make a great substitute. Also just wondering if anyone have used any other kinds of alcohol besides everclear or vodka, say crown or wild turkey?

  69. Stephanie says

    Our grocery store sell apple pie moonshine now. Much quicker than waiting a month and much more legal than making your own.

  70. Diana says

    Anyone have a recipe for old fashioned sipping tea? Someone gave my husband and I a gallon, we opened it up and it was horrible then we left it in the frig for a month or so and tried it again, it was great! I’d live to make some…help anyone?

  71. says

    I just made this recipe using Absolute Orient Apple. It smells great and I can’t wait to try it. My question is, can I store it for the 30 days in the refrigerator? Thanks.

  72. Ethan says

    Should I filter out the sediment? I’ve noticed that there is a lot sediment at the bottom of the jars. I started my batch on 2/10/14.

    • Lady Katie says

      you do not have to but can if you want. Just give it a good shake and drink. Most of that sediment is from the juice

  73. kathy says

    absolutely awesome!!! I made & forgot about it – tried it today – it should be sold in stores :) I broke it down to a smaller batch just in case – thanks so much for sharing!

  74. Jamie says

    I was wondering if anyone has ever made the Peach Pie Moonshine and pureed the peaches to cook with the juice and other ingredients? I just thought it might give it more peach flavor and it could be strained through the cheesecloth before putting in jars. Has anyone done this and been successful? Thanks!

    • Lady Katie says

      I have made it. I made it with halved peaches. The flavor came out purely peaches. But if I did it again, I would puree the peaches first. Puree’ing would make it easier to drink. With the halved peaches, you got quite a “bang” of alcohol , but it made it chunky to eat.

  75. Angela Evanoff says

    What will happen if my husband didnt quite read the recipe right and added the everclear with the apple cider and the cinn. and started cooking it?

    • Lady Katie says

      you will run the chance of the mixture catching on fire …at minimum the alcohol will burn off on the heat.

  76. says

    I have really enjoyed reading all the posts on here and the lemonade recipe page, I made the lemonade a month ago from a recepie that was similar to this. I cracked a jar open with friends for my birthday…Wow..!!! What a treat. U have to let it sit its so much smoother.

    Anyway my point to comment on was about jars. I got mine at Biglots! ..yup really cheap and you can order large quanities if needed.

    I also re-use hame made jam jars. we love our choke cherry jam and now I have found a good use for all the jars… a great size to gift to people or just portion control….lol

    • Lady Katie says

      You can refrigerate it. It just makes it nice and cold for a little drink on a hot day!! taste will be the same.

    • Lady Katie says

      This is one I might have to think about. But off the top of my head, maybe use the Caramel Syrup you can get in the stores for the coffee drinks. Once I get some, Ill try it out.

  77. Sarah says

    I made homemade cider, do you know if that will work well? Just wondering if it would affect shelf life? Also, thinking I probably dont need to crock pot it, as the homemade cider cooked with cinnamon etc for over 3 hours.

  78. boredoutofmymind says

    So Ive made my own for a while now and the other day I left the cider sit in the fridge and today just added the everclear. Am I able to leave these out of the fridge or will they go bad since they were previously cold?

    • Lady Katie says

      It will do this. Just give it a good shake before drinking. You can filter it out if you want, but taste wise it will not matter either way.

    • Lady Katie says

      It is shelf stable so you can make it today and as long as it has a lid on the jar, it will last a long time. In fact, I just finished a nip from a batch that was 2 years old.

  79. ricky says

    Can I use muscadine grape cider like you would pineapple to make the moonshine.I guess I would use the same recipe.Thank you ladys for your great recipes. Lol with recipes like these yall can keep the world happy.

  80. LS says

    I am making your apple pie recipe again but this time with Fireball. Since it is already flavored with cinnamon, is there anything else that might enhance this drink?

  81. Akrueg says

    How any mason jars does this fill? I want to make for Christmas gifts and would like to know how much I need to make….

  82. Tighe S says

    I use 1 gallon of local cider 1 gallon of 100% apple juice, 1/2 a container of frozen apple juice concentrate, a very liberal cup of good honey, 12 cinnamon sticks and a large chunk of diced up fresh ginger. Bring to a boil stirring every couple minutes then simmer covered for around 5 hours then I let it sit covered all day, add Everclear and let set for another day, then bottle it. I put two bottles in this time (750 ml each) and Its the most Everclear I’ve managed to put into a batch yet and still doesn’t taste too strong. The end result yielded 2 gallons, so that’s how much I managed to boil off and reduce the cider mix down roughly .4 gallons. The only thing I would suggest is take the cinnamon sticks out after the first day don’t leave any in after that.

  83. amber says

    Why do you have to cook the apple juice in the crockpot before? Can’t you just mix both without using crockpot?

    • Lady Katie says

      You can use regular apple juice too. I have made a batch with just juice, and it tasted just as good as the cider.

  84. C. Terry Ross says

    Sounds good and will definitely try. However, from the pictures I was expecting something like Jell-O shots. Disappointing.

    • says

      Nope. Not Jell-O shots, this is more of a flavored booze. But I bet you could use it to make a Jell-O shots. You would just have to find a Jell-O flavor that would go well with the apple and spices…


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