Crock-Pot Aloha Chicken

IMG_0445 crockpotladies Aloha chicken with rice

This recipe for Aloha Chicken  is included in our Crock-Pot 10 Easy Freezer Meals.  If you are coming to this page first and are interested in doing freezer meals, start here.  This recipe does NOT have to be frozen first, if you are wanting to do this recipe by itself, then stay on this page and we will go from here.


This was an easy fun recipe to put together, and easy to double.  Pineapple is one of my favorites to eat with chicken as well.  The kids were impressed.  It was tangy and with it shredded you could also use it in a tortilla or even incorporate it into wrap.  My kids are all about rice, so we used rice to complete the meal.

Crock-Pot Aloha Chicken

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 6 hours

Total Time: 6 hours, 20 minutes

Yield: 5

Crock-Pot Aloha Chicken


3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1/2 Can (apr 10 ounces) of Large Pineapple Chunks
1/2 Cup of Pineapple Juice (I purchased the single serve pineapple juice cans from Dole)
1/2 Cup of White Sugar
1/2 cup of White Vinegar
3 Garlic Cloves, Minced
2 Tablespoons Low Salt Soy Sauce
4 Cups of Rice


  1. Pour all ingredients into the crock except for the rice (do not cook rice in the crock, cook on stove top or rice cooker).
  2. Cook on low for 6 hours.
  3. Pull the chicken and pineapple out when it has cooked and shred it, adding the juices to it to keep it moist.
  4. Cook your rice a few minutes before you pull out the chicken.
  5. Serve your shredded chicken over the rice.


Freezer Meal Instruction:

Measure everything (except rice) and place into the bag except the pineapple juice. Add the chicken and then pour in the pineapple juice. Lay flat and push out the extra air and lay flat in the freezer. Do not add the rice to the bag, do not freeze the rice..just hold it for later when you cook it. Place everything in the bag into the crock and cook at the same temps as above.

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    • Lady Sarah says

      The drawback with fresh pineapple is it hasn’t been processed and may end up being too hard in spots to chew vs using it via the can. I haven’t cooked fresh pineapple before to know what it ends up being consistency wise.

  1. Donna says

    Two questions. Do you drain the juice from the pineapple before adding it? Can you use the juice from the can for the liquid?

    • Lady Sarah says

      I did drain the juice from the pineapple, however I did actually purchase true pineapple juice (I purchased the small little cans of Dole pineapple juice) as the liquid in the pineapple tidbit/chunks cans is more water and sugar and less pineapple. In a pinch I would think it would be okay to just use the liquid from the chunk pineapple can but can’t guarantee it.

  2. Jennifer says

    Does the chicken need to be frozen or thawed? And Can I cook it on high instead? if so how long for froze. Thanks!

    • Lady Sarah says

      I would adjust your time by an several hours if you do it frozen. Most of the time you can switch to high, cutting the time by about half, but you may need to watch it a bit better to make sure it doesn’t burn. The newer crockpots…cook much hotter then the older style.

    • Lady Sarah says

      Sugar snap peas, regular peas frankly, and if you wanted to do a fruit, chunks of pineapple would be marvelous as well.

  3. Jeannie says

    Can I make this without the pineapple chunks? If so, do I still need that extra juice from the chunks can or can I just omit the can of chunks entirely?

    • says

      Hi Jeannie, This pineapple in this recipe is one of the main flavor profiles. We have not tested this recipe without it so cannot offer any advice on how the recipe will turn out without the pineapple in it.


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