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Crock-Pot Tomato Sauce Recipe
Servings Prep Time
12people 80minutes
Cook Time
12Hours On LOW
Servings Prep Time
12people 80minutes
Cook Time
12Hours On LOW
  1. First I soak the tomato’s in a bowl full of vinegar, with water added, this helps clean the tomatoes, I also go through each one and look it over to pull out any bruised, mushy, or moldy ones.
  2. I use a liner.
  3. Cut the stem off of each tomato, quarter and then cut out as much of the seeds and excess juice as possible, be sure to look for buggy or black spots inside, I routinely find a few tomatoes that have gone bad this way.
  4. You can keep everything but the stem, not removing the juice or seeds, but your sauce will be more runny, I also have found the sauce really bulks up better with the skins.
  5. If your tomato’s have any splits in them, be sure to cut the split off.
  6. Place all the ingredients in a 6 quart or larger slow cooker and cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally.
  7. After those 2 hours, uncover, and continue cooking until it is as thick or thin as your wanting it, it will probably take about 8 hours.
  8. Scoop out everything except the excess watery juice into a blender.
  9. Run your tomatoes through the blender with just a few quick spins to get it a smooth consistency.
  10. Pour one tablespoon of lemon juice into all pints or half-pints, 2 Tablespoons into quarts.
  11. Pour the sauce into your clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch of head-space.
  12. Use a plastic utensil or tool to place into the jar, to help the air bubbles to escape.
  13. Wipe off the top of each jar with a wet towel to wipe away any spillage.
  14. With your lids in some warmed water on the stove (I typically boil the water, and then put it on warm and place lids inside) and rings that are clean and have been sitting in warm water, carefully place lids on top, and rings being sure to not tighten too much or the lid can buckle.
  15. Place the jars in warm water in the water bath canner.
  16. For pints or half pints can for 35 minutes, quarts for 40 minutes (so start counting once the water is on a full boil).
  17. If you are a high elevation adjust accordingly
  18. Times are quite uniform for tomato sauce, you just need to know your elevation.
  19. Do not add any type of meat or alter by adding more non acidic ingredients to recipe unless your going to pressure can it.
Recipe Notes

I used half pints as they were the most similar size to the small cans of tomato sauce you get at the store. I got 12 out of them. Full Pints you will get less, and if your wanting to do quarts you’ll have fewer jars as well. The lemon juice is to push the acid level of the tomatoes from borderline to high enough that botulism cannot grow. I would strongly suggest using the lemon juice. Lady Katie can even attest that skipping the lemon juice step can lead to entire batches of tomatoes going bad.