Tip Tuesday ~ Cut Ahead!!

Tip Tuesday!

Another installment of Tip Tuesday.   A Crock-Pot is a great way to cook great meals and free up your time for rest and relaxation and TV watching (okay, the later is something I wish for).    But, in all seriousness, who does not want to make their life a little easier by not spending it all in the kitchen.

Today’s tip is, Cut Ahead!      green peppers all 3

When I say, Cut Ahead, I mean to spend a little time now cutting and preparing your freezable vegetables for later meals.  I spent some time today preparing green peppers.    Green peppers can be chopped (or sliced your choice) and then put into freezer safe storage bags and kept in the freezer for 3 to 6 months.   This time is a personal choice and well I tend to use what I have by then.

I prefer to chop mine in smaller pieces and put at least 2 cups in each bag.   Not only do they freeze well, but they also break up easily when you pull them out.  Which means   NO THAWING!  (another big time saver).

These peppers were the last of my garden peppers.  You can also keep an eye on sales and look for clearance vegetables.   Not all of my stores mark down their vegetables, but one in particular does.

This day was just green peppers.  I also do this will onions and carrots.   Remember, if you have smaller onions they tend to have a stronger smell.  This smell does not go away when you freeze them.  Double bagging the onions does help some.

green peppers end result

green peppers end result -bagged and ready to freeze

Does anyone else do this?  Any other vegetables you find that freezes well for use in meals?

You are gonna love these!

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  1. Susan Mattingly says

    Since there is just my husband and I, I do this, but in smaller increments. I fill ice cube trays (remember those? The blue plastic ones, not the aluminum ones) with chopped peppers, green onions, white onions, jalapeños … you get the idea. I then fill with water, so the veggies are submerged. After a good solid freezing, I pop them out, bag in gallon storage bags, and have individual cubes that can be used in the Crock-Pot.

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