Product Review and Giveaway ~ Crock-It Lock-It

crock-it lock-it review and contest

I have a great system of toting my Crock-Pot in the car.   It normally involves a cardboard box and a few kitchen towels for spillage.   Oh, and of course, putting it between my legs in the car.    I always forget a spoon or ladle for the contents.   Never fails.   I get to my destination and smack myself in the head and say “Yup forgot it again.”    Does any of this sound familiar?  Am I the only one that sees this as the safest way to carry the Crock-Pot without having the lid shift and the contents spill into the car?

Because of this, I am always on the search for a better way to transport my Crock-Pot.  I need something that does not involve me taking more with me than what I wanted to in the first place.    Crock-It Lock-It contacted us and asked if we would try out their product and see what we thought of it.

Opening the box, my first thought was “Oh gosh that looks complicated.”.   I pulled the Crock-It Lock-It out of the box and set it out.   There was a small booklet of instructions that was not only easy to read and understand but short and to the point .   I laid the product out like the directions showed and quickly found that the straps had an adjustment based on the size of the Crock-Pot (all the way up to 8 qt.).   Meaning I could use it for my 3 qt., 5 qt. or even my 6 qt. Crock-Pots.

Wasting no time to see what this was all about, I grabbed the closest Crock-Pot in my reach , my small 3 qt. Crock-Pot and followed the instructions to attach the Crock-It Lock-It to it.   Instructions were clear:  adjusted the strap for the size, place the Crock-Pot in the middle, put the top of the lid, wrapped the top around to the lid and then attached the straps.    The Crock-It Lock-It comes with a ladle that attaches to the top and I clicked that in its holder.   I then grabbed the handle and lifted up.

Success!   The Crock-Pot was secure.  I jiggled the pot around and then took a walk from my kitchen, thru the living room and then down the hall holding the Crock-It Lock-It handle.   Never hear the lid jiggle.   I started to think, “well maybe it is because I am being nice”.   So on the way back I walked fast and put a little swing in my arms.   Same thing, no lid jiggling!  It never moved.

I was impressed which is not an easy task to do.    The rounded rubber pieces on the 4 points of the lid, held the lid in place.   The handle made it easy to carry and the straps were holding strong on the bottom.   On to the 5 qt. and 6 qt. Crock-Pots.   Quick adjustment, attached the straps and we were in business.    The Crock-It Lock-It had no problems adjusting from the round lid of the 3 qt. and 5 qt. Crock-Pots to the oval shape of my 6 qt.   crock-it lock-it suspended

crock-it lock-it on 3qt crock-pot

Getting it on was simple.  How about taking it off?    A quick release of the straps, and I was ready to pot the lid and access anything inside.

The ladle has a snap on spot near the handle.  It is in a good spot that is not in the way handle.  It also has a velcro strap that you can use to wrap your cord around to hold it in place.   crock-it lock-it lid

Now the true test.  Crock-Pot with ingredients.   Would it hold up?

The next day my plan was Hot Stromboli Sandwiches in the Crock-Pot.  Once the meat was done, I popped out the Crock-It Lock-It and set about hooking it up.  I unplugged the Crock-Pot, put the top on the lid, wrapped my straps around it, and then attached them.

Now the question:  Was I going to be picking up my stromboli fixings  off my kitchen floor?

I took a couple deep breathes and said to myself ” Let’s do This!”.   A lift up on the handle and I was carrying a full Crock-Pot.   A FULL CROCK-POT!    I grabbed my car keys, loaded the Crock-Pot on the floor of my passenger seat (and I did not take one towel with me…not one). And down the road I went.   2.5 miles of bumpy-slightly paved-country-road with a large dip in the middle and a sharp curve.   Would the Crock-It Lock-It stand up?

I made it to the end of the road, looked at my Crock-Pot and found that all the Crock-Pot Hot Stromboli Sandwiches were secure in the the Crock-Pot.

Now I can not wait to take this and my Crock-Pot to the next family get together.  If you would also like to try it out, Crock-It Lock-It is offering our readers a code for $10 off the product bringing this down to $15 each (including shipping) !!     Order your here at the Crock-It Lock-It site and use Code  CROCKPOTS.  

You can also comment on this post to win your very own Crock-It Lock-It.  Just leave us a comment and tell us where you take your Crock-Pot.   On Monday September 30, 2013 at 5pm CST, we will pick a winner from the comments.




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  1. Brenda G says

    I am a self-employed businesswoman who loves to cook but is short on time. Crockpots come in handy and I take many foods either to work or to my mom’s house in my crockpots. Would love to win this one.

  2. Cheryl says

    I use my crock pot several times a week. At least once a month, I take something I made to someone’s home. This will be a great item to have or give as a gift.

  3. Susan says

    I take my crock pot(s) to every pot luck that we are invited to because I cook so much in them that I rarely use a casserole dish. Would love to have a handle to hang on to and carry. They can get pretty heavy sometimes!

  4. shannon brown says

    I use my crockpots for everything, and I especially love to take them to our Life Group gatherings for church… I have had many spills, and can so relate with having to hold it with my feel in the car ugh! So this is the most wonderful product for us Crock Pot fanatics!!!

  5. alison harvey says

    I use my crockpot at least twice a week . When we go to a Super Bowl party , we always make a big crockpot chili and like you pack it in a cardboard box will towels around it . Its nice to just walk in to the party and plug in the crockpot to keep the chili warm.

  6. Robin T says

    I usually take macaroni and cheese ( Carla Hall’s -from The Chew-recipe) to our birthday party gatherings. This device would really ensure no spillage on the way there !!

  7. Regina says

    I use crock pots constantly for our church get togethers. Makes it so much easier!! And with winter coming up its my go to!

  8. Sara says

    I take my crock pot camping, family get togethers and family reunions. Love that I can get tons of food in them and less stress at supper time to prepare meals.

  9. Beth Morrison Greenfield says

    I use my crock pot all the time. So much i get teased about it, but the most rewarding use is taking to families who have lost loved ones or have family in the hospital. I just plug it in at their home while they are away (usually someone is there to handle deliveries) and it’s ready when they are….one thing they don’t have to think about!

  10. Laura says

    I use my crock pot all the time. I use it in the house, in the camper and take to friends and family homes as well. Also to work or my husbands work.

  11. Audrey says

    I am constantly spilling in my car and forgetting a spoon or ladle. I take my crockpot to family get togethers and work a lot. This would be excellent to have!! :)

  12. jessica says

    love my crockpots, but i don’t often take them anywhere cause i don’t want them to spill! But i have taken soup for our church’s soup kitchen recently!

  13. Courtney says

    I take my crock-pot with me to all kinds of get togethers! Just had it at my nieces 3rd b-day and it will be back there for my other nieces 2nd b-day! This lock sounds awesome since I have a small crock-pot and 3 big ones. Great idea!!!!

  14. Diana says

    Use my crockpots all the time!!… home, to take to friends/family, parties, holidays, etc…. LOVE my four crockpots!…Be VERY NICE to win one of these.. I am with you on the box and newspapers and kitchen towel procedure.. I devised a way to keep the lid on my 1-1/2 qt one with a stretchy hair band but it isn’t foolproof… lol..

  15. Lisa Lewis says

    just finished cutting up my chicken, celery and carrots for the morning! Love trying new recipes and sharing with our elderly neighbor who loves to critique my new concoctions! I would be lost without the crockpot! Mi me is older and the handle actually broke off the lid but I just use a butter knife to get the top off! Lol. You can bring the crockpot to any family function and plug it in to keep things warm! love it!

  16. Melanie Whitehurst says

    I take my crock pot everywhere, usually to my mother in laws to ensure my children get something nutritious instead of microwave pizza. I love my crock pot and would love to win this one to be able to cook more nutritious delicious care free meals for my family!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. Whitney Lindeman says

    I take our crockpot to our weekly missional community group all the time…never an easy endeavor, but I think this would help!

  18. Dawn says

    I love my Crock Pot and always use it for potlucks. This looks like an awesome way to transport it. My previous method was a box too!

  19. Sonja Judd says

    I work in a 911 dispatch center. I use my crockpot every time we have a pot luck. I would love this for the transportation of yummy dish, too and from work. My usual mode of transporting my crockpot is in a box and then seatbelt it the backseat, and pray I won’t have to slam on my brakes for any reason….. But when driving in Las Vegas, there is no guarantee.

  20. says

    I’m so excited to have found your website. I have been looking for a place just like this. Oh the things I can make in my crock pot I can’t wait to get started on something new today!! I take my crock pot to family get togethers, and holiday dinners, and church. I completely agree with the towels and spills, hah! Fun times! Thanks!!!

  21. Cyndi A. says

    I am always traveling to take meals to my elderly parents house. I am a full time mom so using a crock pot allows me to have time to take care of my home and still be able to make sure my parents always have a hot good meal. Whatever I put in my 5 qt crock I just put another batch in my 3 qt crock and drop it off for them!

  22. says

    I take my crockpot everywhere but mostly church functions. I have 3 little ones and I teach Kindergarten, so crockpots allow my family to spend more time together because I don’t have to spend my time at home prepping and cooking large meals. Would love to have this!

  23. Jamie Ferguson says

    I would love to surprise my husband with this!! He makes a crockpot meal every Sunday in the fall (his thank you for me putting up with football season). We take his creations to friends’ houses to watch the games and are far too familiar with the old cardboard box and towel trick! Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes!

  24. says

    I take my crockpot to work, picnics, and many other get togethers. It always makes a mess! The lid usually falls into the pot along the way. Thanks for the chance to win something that will make sharing food and friendship an even nicer experience.

  25. Sandie says

    Thanks for the chance to win this! I love to use the crock pot to make my contributions for the potlucks, and get togethers, but hate the constant worry about spilling… this sounds like the perfect solution!

  26. Tera says

    I take my crock pot to all family holidays and this would reduce the stress of whether or not it is going to spill all over the van. Being of mother of 2 young boys the van is dirty enough.

  27. says

    I take our crock pot to potlucks several times a year, on picnics with my kiddos to the lake, to my parents and in-laws house for get-togethers, birthday parties, and holidays filled with all sorts of goodies! Never heard of this product before this post. Would make taking it across town (almost monthly) so much easier. It gets heavy holding it in my lap so it doesn’t spill over!

  28. Ronna Thornton says

    I love my crockpot and take it to all family gatherings. Would love to win this. Would make things so much easier. Thanks for the chance :)

  29. says

    Love my crock pot!! I try to do the monthly meals, where I spend a Sunday making meals for the whole month then I just have to defrost and throw them in the crock pot!!! Love coming home from a 10 hour day to the house smelling wonderful and dinner already made! I get tons of recipes from you gals, please keep them coming :)

  30. Carol Morga says

    My 86 year old mother is almost completely housebound these days. This carry out Crock- Pot would be an excellent way to get hot meals to her, especially with the winter months just around the corner.

  31. says

    My job sends me away for about 3 months at a time every year and I have to live out of a hotel room. I am always using the crockpot. I have made desserts, breakfast, dinner…everything in a crockpot. I also like to take these wonderful meals to share with coworkers when I am in and out of town. This would be wonderful to have since my drive is long and my walk from the parking lot to my building is a hike. I am sure my coworkers would appreciate it too because I would bring in even more food!!

  32. Elizabeth LeBar says

    Great idea! Too many a meal sloshed all over our van floor, so this is a blessing! Thanks for the chance to win it! Family gatherings, home school events, church potlucks – crock pot is a steady in our home!

  33. Norene Nicholson says

    Love my crockpot. Use it a lot. I am making crockpot apple butter in it today! I would LOVE to have a lock-it to make transport SO much easier!

  34. says

    I have a leg disease can’t stand long enough to cook on the stove, hubby cooks all the time, he has a heart condition, & would love to have thus so I could help cook too. Sitting at the table.

  35. says

    I have a full-time job where we do fundraisers on a regular basis. We typically do breakfasts or lunches. I take my crockpot for things such as bait beans, pulled pork sandwiches after making a roast in it, grits, etc. I also have a 2nd job where I do direct party sales. Several of my hostesses have done Pinterest potluck parties. I am always game to bring something in the crockpot for these types of events. Also, around the holidays I always bring something to the family gatherings in the crockpot. Needless to say it is one of my absolute favorite kitchen appliances!

  36. Jenn says

    The crock it and lock it crock pot would come in handy to all the army family gatherings we have monthly. Will make it easier to carry with a baby on my hip.

  37. Lori says

    It’s crock pot city when we feed our Varsity football boys their pre game meals!! We use the cafeteria but aren’t allowed to use the kitchen…Lot’s of extension cords!! lol Spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, taco bar,…. breakfast burritos this week!! Go RANGERS!! 😉

  38. Carol says

    I love my crock pots! I still have my first crock pot. My future husband gave me my first pot on my birthday. He did break the glass lid a few years ago. Glad you made improvements on the lids! And also the removal of the crock itself. Keep up the good looks on each and every crock pot you produce!

  39. Susy Cobb says

    I’m a mom and work full time. I also have to take care of the ranch animals after work, so I LOVE my crock pots. I have a very small one for dips, a medium and a large. I usually use my large. Prepare it at night, turn on in the morning. How much easier can it get??

  40. Jessica says

    I love the crockpot! Sooo easy and sooo delicious! I just made a mean chicken wing dip in the crock pot for my son’s 8th birthday. It worked WONDERFULLY!

  41. Sonja Wood says

    Being a single mom having multiple crock-pots has been a time saver. Besides crock-pots are like purses and shoes a girl can never have to many.

  42. Lisa Sanders says

    This crockpot looks so neat, I’ve not seen one like this. But it would be a wonderful thing to have. Perfect for family gatherings. Thank you for a opportunity to own this!!

  43. Nick says

    Love this..Not worrying about spills is my top priority. Nothing like a crock pot full of chili to spill in a car…Great product!

  44. says

    I would take mine to family functions or to the firestation to feed my hubby’s coworkers. My husband put my other one on the stove to heat up some leftover dinner one day. Needless to say, I now no longer have one. Lol. It’s the thought that counts right? He was just trying to help.

  45. Jaimie says

    I take my Crock Pot to work for Thursday lunches during our slow time in the winter. Nothing like smelling chili while you’re working!

  46. Kimberly says

    I’m newly married, work full time, and am only just beginning to learn about the joy of crock-pot cooking! I never even thought about having the ability to take my crock pot with me to all the new family functions and events I’ve been attending, so having something like this would be SO helpful while trying to blend in with my new in-laws!

  47. amber says

    We use ours every Wednesday to help provide meals for our mommy & me preschool class for our children who are not yet old enough to attend preschool at the public school!

  48. says

    I have become more and more reliant on crock pots. I’m a full-time student, wife, mom of three, and work more than full time as a caregiver! Crock pots are a necessity! This one looks pretty nifty!

  49. Lea Hobbs says

    We have meals at work all the time. I never use a crock pot cause they are hard to transport. Would love to try one of these. I work 12 hr shifts with a lot of overtime. Love crockpot recipes!

  50. Lori says

    I am sooo taking this to work…this is so much easier than finding dishes and bags…I work 12 hour shifts and having food that is healthy is difficult at times..this would make it so much easier!

  51. Janie Nicholls says

    I use my Crock Pot alot. I take meals to families from church. I take meals to work. I take hot dips to all parties and family events.

  52. Judy Waters says

    I am so excited about this crockpot !!! I LOVE cooking in one, but transporting one is not always the best turn out !! Hope I win !!!!

  53. Alryna McElreath says

    I love crock pots!! I take them to friends and to church. Just about everywhere I take a meal:) Would love to have this crock pot to carry around!

  54. Nancy says

    Every Friday a few football Mom’s take our crockpots to the high school and feed our football players a pre game hot meal. This handle sure would come in handy for that and other occasions!

  55. ginger says

    this would be so fabulous for me to take to the camp and also when we visit family at the holidays! this would definitely be under lock and key at my house! lol

  56. Karen says

    I use my crock pot all the time. When the holidays arrive I use it to bring the holiday breakfasts so we have time to relax with family.

  57. JoAnne says

    I love to cook in the Crock Pot! Would love one that travels! I’m encouraging my daughter to cook her meals in a Crock Pot the days she has to work :)

  58. Lisa Barsky says

    Crockpot recipes are the best for disabled people who find it so hard to prepare for dinner. I do mine in the mornings. Thank you so much for this opportunity..

  59. says

    This looks like a sensational idea!!! What is more convenient than being able to take the crockpot with you and not having to worry about losing all the good food inside by spillage when traveling. Love it!!!

  60. Jamie Mills says

    Just like you, my crock pot contents have ended up in my car. I love taking crock pot meals to church, work and other fun family functions. Would love to not have to scream at my children all the way there in hopes that they will protection it and the contents will not be spilled (LOL). I’m sure they would appreciate it as well.

  61. says

    I only just started to use my crock pot for actual cooking this spring but omg…..I just love it…every day I look for new recipes to make…I would love to win this crockpot so I could make my corn chowder soup for my husband to take to work and share with his co-workers!

  62. Odette Lauro says

    I would love to win this …I am always using my crockpot. Taking it to camp. etc. this would work so well….fingers are crossed

  63. Kim Woods says

    I have 2 boys. Both play travel Baseball and both play Football. My youngest plays for 2 different football teams so we are busy busy busy and I lobe every min of it. So glad I have Crock Pot Meal, they are such a big help! I have never seen one like this….love it :)

  64. Stephanie says

    I took mine 60+ miles to church yesterday, filled to almost overflowing with potato soup. Had it sitting in a roasting pan just in case. One of these crock pot locks would have been great!!

  65. Mary H says

    My crock pots go to family holidays. It is the best way to keep food hot for large crowds of family. I have been using the rubber band/cardboard box travel method. This would be awesome!

  66. Carla B says

    We have a huge group of friends that we do things with every weekend..this would make things less likely to spill in my car when toting my crock pot to a friends house!!

  67. Cheryl Yepsen Pagoria says

    This crockpot would be great to own!! I am using the crockpot more and more- and how easy to tote my dishes without worrying about trying to secure the top!! Awesome!!

  68. Jonda W says

    What a neat gadget to have. I love my crock pot and this crockit-lockit is wonderful. I take my crock pot full of goodies to whatever event I’m invited to where sharing food is the norm. The homes of my friends, family, and church or community functions (where there is electrical power). It would be so nice to travel without wrapping my crock up in a throw.

  69. Sami Coghill says

    Would love 2 win this – my crockpot is a godsend in the summer so i don’t have 2 heat up the house. I use my crockpot a lot!!!

  70. Randi says

    I use my crock pot at least 2 times a week during my sons football and winter soccer seasons. Great way to have a home cooked meal while staying so busy!!!

  71. Dorrie says

    This is such a great idea! I definitely wish I’d had one last year, before that huge tomato sauce stain appeared in the car! 😉

  72. Charlie says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I LOVE using my crock pot!! It makes my day a whole lot easier when I don’t have to stress about dinner. :)

  73. Connie Tarter says

    I love my crock pots, I have several. The handle was broken on one so I contacted Rival and they sent me a brand new one. I love my crocks and Rival.

  74. Janell gust says

    Love this crock pot… I love taking it to gathering at the lake. Using the crock means it’s ready when were ready. Thank you.

  75. says

    I have 2 grandchildren that live with me and i work 2 jobs. I work the night shift then have one hour before I report to my day job. I depend heavily on my Crockpot to make sure the family gets a good hot meal every night:) Thus allowing me time to enjoy everyone in the precious evening hours before I do it all over again. I love this Crock-it lockit :) It would be so fun preparing the meals in it:)

  76. Sandy S says

    Are you telling me no more ruined dish towels or having the cars lined up behind me as I slowly drive my car down the street so I don’t trip my crock pot over in the box behind my seat? It can’t be so. To be able to use it with all 5 of my crockpot is just so……well amazing. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  77. Melissa West says

    Being a working mom of a 6’7″ tall 17 yr old basketball player and senior in high school crock pot cooking is the best way to go…the thing is he can eat one whole crock pot of food so an extra crock pot would not only make mom happy but, will feed this future NBA star just the way he likes…service for one:)

  78. Mary says

    I would love to win! i need a win in my life! Love my crockpot and share ideas with others all the time. Thanks for your posts!

  79. Rachel says

    I would LOVE to win this to ensure I can get my yummy crock pot dishes without destroying the bottom of my car AGAIN! LOL! :) I enjoy taking my creations and recipes from y’all into playdates with my babies, work, family functions, and to my Daughter’s gymnastics class!! Thanks so much for this awesome site and neat giveaway!!!! Fingers crossed I win!! :)

  80. Joy says

    Single mom working 12+ hours a day with 4 starving kids waiting for food. My crockpot is a lifesaver, but on its last leg……a new one would be a blessing!

  81. Anne Marie says

    Wow! I take my crockpot everywhere….family gatherings, friends’ houses, church, back yard…etc…this would be wonderful! I am used to the crockpot between the legs while the contents splash out and burn me method!

  82. Angela Ratterman says

    I love crock pots but dont use them and would love to win this so I can start making healthy meals for my boys and myself. I am going thru chemotherapy for breast cancer and easy meals sound like something I really need!

  83. Paula Price says

    I love this I just seen this today never knew anything like this existed ..I need one of these to take my crock pot to church and family dinners,

  84. Teri says

    Potlucks at work… potlucks at church! Family gatherings that always involve food! My crock pots are like a best friend… especially my old 1970’s avocado green crock… it has never let me down!

  85. Janice Snyder says

    After having Taco Soup all over my back seat with a crock pot that had a lid thst locked down, I would love to have one of these.

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