crock-it lock-it review and contest

I have a great system of toting my Crock-Pot in the car.   It normally involves a cardboard box and a few kitchen towels for spillage.   Oh, and of course, putting it between my legs in the car.    I always forget a spoon or ladle for the contents.   Never fails.   I get to my destination and smack myself in the head and say “Yup forgot it again.”    Does any of this sound familiar?  Am I the only one that sees this as the safest way to carry the Crock-Pot without having the lid shift and the contents spill into the car?

Because of this, I am always on the search for a better way to transport my Crock-Pot.  I need something that does not involve me taking more with me than what I wanted to in the first place.    Crock-It Lock-It contacted us and asked if we would try out their product and see what we thought of it.

Opening the box, my first thought was “Oh gosh that looks complicated.”.   I pulled the Crock-It Lock-It out of the box and set it out.   There was a small booklet of instructions that was not only easy to read and understand but short and to the point .   I laid the product out like the directions showed and quickly found that the straps had an adjustment based on the size of the Crock-Pot (all the way up to 8 qt.).   Meaning I could use it for my 3 qt., 5 qt. or even my 6 qt. Crock-Pots.

Wasting no time to see what this was all about, I grabbed the closest Crock-Pot in my reach , my small 3 qt. Crock-Pot and followed the instructions to attach the Crock-It Lock-It to it.   Instructions were clear:  adjusted the strap for the size, place the Crock-Pot in the middle, put the top of the lid, wrapped the top around to the lid and then attached the straps.    The Crock-It Lock-It comes with a ladle that attaches to the top and I clicked that in its holder.   I then grabbed the handle and lifted up.

Success!   The Crock-Pot was secure.  I jiggled the pot around and then took a walk from my kitchen, thru the living room and then down the hall holding the Crock-It Lock-It handle.   Never hear the lid jiggle.   I started to think, “well maybe it is because I am being nice”.   So on the way back I walked fast and put a little swing in my arms.   Same thing, no lid jiggling!  It never moved.

I was impressed which is not an easy task to do.    The rounded rubber pieces on the 4 points of the lid, held the lid in place.   The handle made it easy to carry and the straps were holding strong on the bottom.   On to the 5 qt. and 6 qt. Crock-Pots.   Quick adjustment, attached the straps and we were in business.    The Crock-It Lock-It had no problems adjusting from the round lid of the 3 qt. and 5 qt. Crock-Pots to the oval shape of my 6 qt.   crock-it lock-it suspended

crock-it lock-it on 3qt crock-pot

Getting it on was simple.  How about taking it off?    A quick release of the straps, and I was ready to pot the lid and access anything inside.

The ladle has a snap on spot near the handle.  It is in a good spot that is not in the way handle.  It also has a velcro strap that you can use to wrap your cord around to hold it in place.   crock-it lock-it lid

Now the true test.  Crock-Pot with ingredients.   Would it hold up?

The next day my plan was Hot Stromboli Sandwiches in the Crock-Pot.  Once the meat was done, I popped out the Crock-It Lock-It and set about hooking it up.  I unplugged the Crock-Pot, put the top on the lid, wrapped my straps around it, and then attached them.

Now the question:  Was I going to be picking up my stromboli fixings  off my kitchen floor?

I took a couple deep breathes and said to myself ” Let’s do This!”.   A lift up on the handle and I was carrying a full Crock-Pot.   A FULL CROCK-POT!    I grabbed my car keys, loaded the Crock-Pot on the floor of my passenger seat (and I did not take one towel with me…not one). And down the road I went.   2.5 miles of bumpy-slightly paved-country-road with a large dip in the middle and a sharp curve.   Would the Crock-It Lock-It stand up?

I made it to the end of the road, looked at my Crock-Pot and found that all the Crock-Pot Hot Stromboli Sandwiches were secure in the the Crock-Pot.

Now I can not wait to take this and my Crock-Pot to the next family get together.  If you would also like to try it out, Crock-It Lock-It is offering our readers a code for $10 off the product bringing this down to $15 each (including shipping) !!     Order your here at the Crock-It Lock-It site and use Code  CROCKPOTS.  

You can also comment on this post to win your very own Crock-It Lock-It.  Just leave us a comment and tell us where you take your Crock-Pot.   On Monday September 30, 2013 at 5pm CST, we will pick a winner from the comments.