Happy Cinco de Mayo

35 Cinco de Mayo Crock-Pot Recipes

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35 Cinco de Mayo Crock-Pot Recipes Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching.  We have compiled some great recipes that can add a little fun to the day.   These… Read More »

crock-pot everything chuck roast-words

Crock-Pot Everything Chuck Roast

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My good friend is a great cook. She cooks with spices I have never used or never thought of using. Garam Masala is a spice that she finds… Read More »

natural dyed eggs 2 crockpotladies

Crock-Pot Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

In Blog, Easter Recipes, Side Dishes On April 17, 2014 2 Comments

So last year for Easter, we used Kool Aid to dye our eggs, post right here.  It turned out really quite well BUT this year with our chickens,… Read More »

crock-pot blueberry breakfast casserole

Crock-Pot Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

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Print Crock-Pot Blueberry Breakfast Casserole Ingredients 1 Loaf French Bread, cubed 1 16oz Package of Fresh or Frozen Blueberries 1 8oz Packages Cream Cheese, softened and cubed 1… Read More »

crock-pot biscuit and bacon breakfast casserole

Crock-Pot Biscuit and Bacon Breakfast Casserole

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Breakfast Casseroles are a great way to make a quick breakfast the night before. You can mix the ingredients the night before and have everything ready to turn… Read More »

Crockpot Blackberry Cobbler

Crock-Pot Blackberry Cobbler

In Desserts On April 13, 2014 3 Comments

Crock-Pot Blackberry Cobbler I love blackberries, when I lived in California our family would pack up in the car for a drive a couple miles away up to… Read More »

IMG_0313 february freezer meal crockpotladies

Crock-Pot Chicken Fajitas

In Blog, Entrees, Freezer Meals On April 4, 2014 2 Comments

When I made my huge project of 10 freezer meals, I had 3 Chicken Breasts left that I needed to use up.  Not quite enough to serve as … Read More »

crock-pot cranberry bbq chicken

Crock-Pot Cranberry BBQ Chicken

In Entrees, Freezer Meals On April 1, 2014 7 Comments

I found a lonely little can of Cranberry Sauce left over from the holidays in my pantry. The sweetness from the cranberries complemented the BBQ sauce nicely. The… Read More »