Crock-Pot Peach Vanilla Butter

Crock-Pot Peach Vanilla Butter

In Canning On July 21, 2012 38 Comments

I am just so loving the fresh peaches this time of year and I wanted to do a little bit of canning. But gosh it is so hot… Read More »

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Crock-Pot Taco-Soup #2

In Soups & Stews On July 20, 2012 1 Comment

This is a recipe sent to us by reader Nina Fleming for her version of Taco Soup. I have a very similar recipe here but this one looks great too!   Thanks… Read More »

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Crock-Pot Banana Cake

In Desserts On July 19, 2012 2 Comments

My Daughter actually named this, I just basically threw this together and she decided to name this Banana cake.  We have made it multiple times it has… Read More »

quinoa salad

Crock-Pot Quinoa Salad

In Entrees On July 18, 2012 3 Comments

This is a great recipe to try for summer. You can vary the vegetables too if you don’t like tomatoes or aren’t a fan of corn.  I like… Read More »

maid rite sandwich

Crock-Pot Homemade MaidRite Sandwiches

In Entrees On July 17, 2012 15 Comments

We have yummy recipe for you today from reader Julie Nowakowski for her homemade MaidRite sandwiches! I have never had a MaidRite sandwich but it sound quite interesting. I… Read More »

crock-pot cornbread

Crock-Pot Cornbread

In Breads On July 16, 2012 3 Comments

This turned out light and moist still with the nice cornbread taste. Print Crock-Pot Cornbread Ingredients 1 Yellow Cake Mix (fixed according to box) 2 Martha White Cornbread… Read More »

Crock-Pot Beer BBQ Pork

Crock-Pot BBQ Beer Pulled Pork

In Entrees On July 15, 2012 4 Comments

This wonderful recipe uses your favorite brand of beer, either imported or domestic to add just the right amount of tang to the meat. Don’t worry though, the… Read More »

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Crock-Pot Southwest Spinach Chicken

In Entrees On July 14, 2012 4 Comments

Reader Amy Duncan from CakeDipz  (Chocolate dipped gourmet treats) sent us this delicious recipe for Southwest Spinach Chicken and it really sound delish! I wonder if you could dip it in some… Read More »