Crock-Pot Sweet Tomato ButterWhen doings fruit and vegetable butters, I prefer to use a crock-pot with a warm feature.  It does take a little longer, but the butter does not burn.   I had to break out my 3 pot buffet crock-pot as it has the warm feature.  The older crock-pots have a low that is comparable to the warm on the newer models.   I was surprised by the end taste of this butter!  I had small garlic bread pieces and spread the warm butter on them and they were out of this world!   My husband’s grandpa tried it and said he would prefer it nice and cold.

Crock-Pot Sweet Tomato Butter

Crock-Pot Sweet Tomato Butter


1 Pound Fresh Tomatoes
1/2-1 Cup Sugar


  1. Wash tomatoes, core and quarter.
  2. Place in crock-pot on low for 2 hours or until tender.
  3. With a blender (or food mill), pulverize the tomatoes.
  4. Return to crock-pot and add 1/2 cup sugar and stir.
  5. Cook on warm (if your pot has it, if not low but keep an eye on it) for 8-12 hours with the lid AJAR until the tomatoes thicken enough to stay on a spoon.
  6. If too tart, add more sugar to your liking.
  7. Makes about 16oz of butter.
  8. Water bath can jars if necessary or refrigerate.