No Image AvailableA new recipe from our reader Crystal Goll

Crock-Pot Pork and Mushrooms

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 4 hours

Total Time: 4 hours, 5 minutes

Yield: 4


4 Boneless Pork Chops (About a 1/2 in Thick)
1 Four Ounce Can of Mushrooms, Drained
2 Small-Medium Onions, Sliced
1 Envelope Packet of Onion Soup
1/2 Cup of Water
Cooking Spray


  1. Spray crock-pot with cooking spray.
  2. Lay pork chops in crock-pot.
  3. Place onion and can of mushrooms (Drained)across from pork chops.
  4. Mix 1/2 cup of water with onion soup mix and cream of cream of mushroom soup, and pour over the pork/mushroom/onion.
  5. Cook on high for 4 hours, or low for 6-8 hours.