Crock-Pot Chicken Meatball & Kale Soup

Here is a delicious recipe sent to us by reader Phaedra Valente who blogs over at Recipes By Phaedra (check her out guys…yummy!). This is a  warm, healthy and nutritious soup made with low-fat ground chicken, turned into yummy meatballs and then the soup is combined with kale and mushrooms and is packed with vitamin K and beta carotene and even some bonus calcium!

Whip this recipe up when you are looking for something on the healthier side.

Crock-Pot Chicken Meatball & Kale Soup

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 7 hours

Total Time: 7 hours, 20 minutes

Yield: 10

Crock-Pot Chicken Meatball & Kale Soup


For The Meatballs
2 Lbs. Ground Chicken Breast
½ Cup Bread Crumbs
1 Egg
½ Cup Parmesan Cheese
½ Cup Cooked Spinach, Drained Completely
2 Tablespoons Minced Garlic
For The Soup
2 Heads Flowering Kale, Washed and Chopped
1 Package Crimini Mushrooms, Chopped
2 Carrots, Chopped
2 Cloves Garlic
8 Cups Chicken Stock, Homemade or Carton (no sodium added)
1 Tablespoon Thyme
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt


  1. Prep the vegetables and put them in a crock-pot.
  2. For the meatballs in a large mixing bowl, add the ground chicken, bread crumbs, egg, cheese, spinach and garlic.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Roll out about 1 to 1 ½ inch meatballs and place in the crock-pot.
  5. Pour the chicken stock over the veggies and meatballs.
  6. Add the thyme and sea salt.
  7. Set to high for 7 hours.

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