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  1. Kara says

    I saw this and thought “How easy!” Then I realized that of the ingredients, I had only 5. The roast, onion, BBQ (Sweet Baby Ray’s) salt & Pepper…:( We aren’t huge fans of green peppers so that wasn’t a big deal but, I’m thinking this will be another one of my flops. I have tried pulled pork in the crock pot so many times before and it just wasn’t right.
    This time it was wonderful!
    2lb pork loin
    1 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s
    1 chopped RED onion
    salt & Pepper

    I threw the frozen loin in the pot followed by all of the ingredients. My son and hubby said that this was definitely the best pulled pork I have ever made. I could tell that they weren’t just saying it to make me feel good. It really was wonderful! I think the Sweet Baby Ray’s was what made all the difference. It didn’t need anything else. I will never buy a different BBQ sauce. And I will always buy a big bottle!


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