Crock-Pot Apple Crisp

Crock-Pot Apple CrispThis is a great recipe to serve warm on ice cream or by itself.   I chose not to peel my apples this time.   You can store this in the refrigerator and bring out to reheat for about 5 or 6 days at the most.   Add pecans or walnuts to the Oatmeal, sugar and butter mixture if you want.

Crock-Pot Apple Crisp

Rating: 41

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 4 hours

Total Time: 4 hours, 45 minutes

Yield: 6-8 Servings


1 Cup Oatmeal (dry)
1 Cup Light Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons White Flour
2 Tablespoons White Sugar
1 Stick Butter (softened and diced small, or melted)
3lb Golden Delicious or Sweet Tango Apples


  1. Peel, Core and Thinly Slice Apples.
  2. Add White Sugar and Flour to apples and toss.
  3. Put apples in bottom of crock pot.
  4. Mix brown sugar, oatmeal and butter.
  5. Place oatmeal mixture on top of apples in crock-pot.
  6. Cook on hight for 4 hours or until apples are fully cooked.

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